About Us


It all started way back, such a long, long time ago…


In 1878 the Parker House was one of the first buildings erected in Sea Girt, even before Sea Girt was officially a town. Although the outfits and décor have changed over time, the concept remains the same: a renowned seaside destination with great food and excellent entertainment served up in an iconic, Victorian-era venue.

The Parker House is a family business, owned by three families who see themselves more as curators rather than owners of an 1878 building and who are deeply committed to preserving this important piece of Sea Girt history for future generations. Once surrounded by other large hotels and rental cottages, as seen in old postcards, the Parker House has survived the test of time, even as the landscape around it has turned to include more private residences.

This new unique landscape adds to the nostalgia of the Parker House and to the feeling that you really are a guest at the greatest house party of all time. Our staff is our family. They look forward to taking care of you and welcoming you to our house!



150 Years...


That’s a lot of shells shucked, drinks poured, and sunset dinners.

A lot of toasts to old friends, countless nights to remember… (and maybe a few to forget.

 In the last century and a half, the Parker House has earned a reputation as the place to be; where friends gather, people meet, and the best experiences in life are had.  We owe everything to our loyal patrons and strive to live up to our reputation each and every day.


We can’t wait to see you here!

The Parker House Crew